How To 'Gram

Social Media is an incredibly powerful tool that can be used for so much good. That's why at LLU we believe in finding ways to optimize everyone's experience with these platforms to ultimately benefit our day-to-day lives. Below are four easy steps, backed by research, that have demonstrated improvements between our relationship with social media and our mental health. 

Step 1.

Follow accounts that make you laugh, smile, think, and align with your values, hobbies, and interests. Simply put, follow accounts that bring you joy! 

Follow Positive Accounts

Step 2.

Too much filtering and photoshopping leads to body dissatisfaction. Eliminating these tools will enhance your overall personal experience on Instagram and better your mental health.

Filter & Photoshop Less

Monitor Your Time

Step 3.

One of the best ways to keep your relationship with social media positive is to monitor your time. Can you spend less than 30 minutes a day, total, on all platforms? 

Mute & Unfollow

Step 4.

Often, following people in our inner circle such as our best friends, siblings, or teammates can have the greatest detrimental effects on our mental health. Consider unfollowing or muting those who are not adding value to your life or make you feel insecure.

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