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Media Creators

Thank you to our media creators who have helped Life Live Unfiltered become a reality.


Media Consultant & Content Creator

Kevin works as a media consultant and content creator for Live Life Unfiltered. He works on anything from music to video and helps us with some of the more detailed aspects of the content that you see. He is currently studying at Fanshawe College in London for Music Industry Arts.


Website Designer & Ambassador

Emma is the an ambassador and website creator for Live Life Unfiltered. She designed the LLU website, and acts as a promoter for the movement in her city. She is currently in her final semester studying Communications at the University of Ottawa.


Video Creator

Tim films and edits the awesome videos for Live Life Unfiltered. Tim spends his time capturing photos for numerous projects while also studying Business Administration at Bishop's University. Check out his YouTube Channel TPAC FILMS. 

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