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Designed by Allison Verville



The #AsSheIs Instagram Challenge encourages us to be vulnerable and real on social media. 
To participate: Post an unfiltered photo on your Instagram and pair it with a caption that displays a side of yourself not typically shown online. By participating in the challenge, together, as a team, we’re bringing perspective back to social media. We’re reminding each other that we all have insecurities and bad days despite how happy and confident we may appear online.
save the date - November 6

Step 1

Post an unfiltered photo to Instagram


Step 2

In your caption, use the hashtag #AsSheIs and share a more vulnerable side of yourself


Step 3

Nominate and tag two other women to continue the challenge

A world unfiltered
Since our November 1st, 2018 launch, women have
participated from 14 different countries.

2018's #As she is CHALLENGE


"Beauty and confidence in the eyes of others mean nothing if you don't see or feel it for yourself"

This pic is left unfiltered for the purpose of reminding myself & others to be ok with yourself un-filtered on social media, as I & many others have gotten so comfortable using filters or touch-ups to make us look/feel better about insecurities, feel more "acceptable", "attractive" or "insta-worthy". It's a healthy reality check to recognize your dependence on filters/ touch-ups and how you feel about yourself without them. Beauty and confidence in the eyes of others mean nothing if you don't see or feel it for yourself, in your raw self. 

I'm a victim to being sucked into this and working my way back out to good self-esteem un-filtered with minimal makeup or touch-ups is still a bumpy road, but the more I practice, the easier it gets.


"We don't always have to be made up and edited to be seen as beautiful"

I never intended to post this photo. I didn't think it was worthy. I have always struggled with insecurities because of being a bigger person. It took me a while to find a photo on my phone that didn't have a snapchat filter or that I didn't pose for and made sure I looked good in. 

I'm so proud that the #AsSheIs movement started at my university! With social media being such a big part of my life I constantly find myself adding filters to my photos without even thinking about it!

I always obsess about how many likes I'll get and how others have more than me. This movement was created to show women that we don't always have to be made up and edited to be seen as beautiful. 


"This movement is all about adding realness to your feed, something we need a whole lot more of"

Stuff like this isn't easy to talk about, and certainly isn't easy to do. Opening up on Instagram takes a lot of strength, and to every girl who has taken part in the #AsSheIs movement, I applaud each and every one of you.

I cannot speak highly enough about this movement. It is so important to see Instagram as a platform where people share pictures which we do not always know the back story about. Social media has become a source of anxiety and pressure for many girls, when really, shouldn't it be the exact opposite? This movement is all about adding "realness to your feed", something we need a whole lot more of.


 "No girl should ever feel like she's not 'woman' enough"

Femininity comes in many forms; trans women are women too and no girl should ever feel like she's not 'woman' enough.


"I'm not one to post pictures of myself but I think this is an exception"

I'm not one to post pictures of myself on social media, but I think this is an exception as pictures can be deceiving. I may look so happy in this picture, when I'm out with my friends or at school. I always seem to be happy, smiley or the usual always laughing. However, that's not the case.


Deep down I have so many struggles, especially in the last year. 2018 was the worst year of my life and brought me down to my deepest. I became very depressed because of all the stress & anxieties, felt unloved, I felt a lot of anger and I cried a lot, if not every day. I wasn't able to do anything I wanted as I saw so many people go on trips throughout the year or do fun things in the summer and I wasn't able to.