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Though Instagram is less than a decade old, researchers are linking significant increases in depression, suicide, anxiety, and body image issues amongst young women to Instagram.


Like so many young women around the globe, twin sisters, Teagan and Keisha Simpson experienced first-hand the detrimental effects of comparing oneself to curated, photoshopped and filtered Instagram posts.  However, unlike most young women, they acknowledged to each other how ‘scrolling’ was affecting them negatively. Recognizing it would be better if we all could relate rather than compare, these sisters set out to shift the social narrative.  

In 2018, Teagan and Keisha founded the Instagram movement Live Life UnfilteredBeginning with just an Instagram account, the sisters posted daily content to reminds us all, that behind every perfect photo is just a regular girl with insecurities, struggles and bad days. 

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In 2019, under the Live Life Unfiltered umbrella, Teagan and Keisha launched the #AsSheIs Instagram Challenge with hopes of encouraging more young women to be vulnerable on Instagram, share their struggles, and unfiltered truths. Their LLU message and the


#AsSheIs challenge reached well over 100 million people, with participants from more than 60 different countries.  Celebrities, Olympians, activists, and community leaders alike joined in.  Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato, and Catriona Grey have all shown their support and acknowledging that being real and unfiltered is crucial to our mental well-being.  

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Teagan and Keisha are passionate about making a difference and are often asked to be keynote speakers for charities, companies, and universities alike. Comfortable with sharing their story, the sisters have also been interviewed on both radio and television.


In the spring, the sisters were recognized as

a few of Canada’s most influential women of 2020 with the Top 25 Women of Influence Award- awarded to 25 women from various backgrounds including activists, Noble Prize Winners, Olympians, and CEO’s. While recipients of the Top 25 Women of Influence Award, Teagan and Keisha still remain overwhelmed by the thousands of young women who have acknowledged they too are negatively affected by ‘scrolling’.  Young women are most susceptible - but this issue affects us all.  Mental health affects everyone. Join Live Life Unfiltered’s mission to bring balance to our feeds and improve the Instagram experience for everyone.

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