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Our Story

How It Began... 

Twin sisters, Teagan and Keisha Simpson grew up struggling with their body image and feelings of anxiety.

Comparing themselves to the perfect, happy, and confident girls on

Instagram was extremely difficult.


Over time, they realized that these comparisons were unfair, recognizing

that the photos were often filtered, posed, and carefully selected


Which Led To A Movement 

Live Life Unfiltered 

A movement advocating for social media literacy. 

Changing the social narrative surrounding mental health and women's bodies.

Turning their story into change 

the twins created #AsSheIs.

Thousands of women shared their stories online through the #AsSheIs Challenge.

Stories of mental health struggles, eating disorders, body image insecurities and the pressure to post perfect photos.  

These stories had one thing in common...the pressure to present a "perfect life".


reached over

100 Million

and spread to

60 different


Let's examine the facts. 

It's time for change.

Mental health in youth has increased by 70% in the last 25 years

Researchers are linking this to social media. 

Beyond that, social media is significantly linked to eating disorders, and body image dissatisfaction. 

Our mandate is to remind women that Instagram is often not a realistic representation of who we are as individuals. Our vision is to change the way we use and interact with social media, not to remove it. 


We are calling this movement, Live Life Unfiltered. 

Your story matters.

Your actions make a difference.

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